Here u are my favorite couple :3


Lu:” I agreed to take a bath together, but you do not look me that pervert way!

Na:”I look at you like a guy who looks at his sexy girlfriend hihi! It’s not my fault you’re wonderful <3!”

Lu.” >////<”



Ju.”Who knows what Gray-sama is doing now…I miss him so much…”


*Gray-sama : Look above u >_>*

JU.” hmm? °_° ….. O/////O G-Gray-sama!”

Gr:” Surprise >///>…”



Le:”Finally home! I can not wait to wash from all this dust and earth! Then I also have to medicate you those ugly wounds … “

Ga:” Ghihi  I have to admit that today, were it not been for you, I would view me really bad … after all You’re helpful shrimp! “

Le:” What? Only today? !I hope you are joking! Well then you think to the bandages and the rest! *sgrunt*”

Ga:”Ghihihi! Thank you very much shrimp ^^”

Le:” >////>”



Er.”What are we doing out here gerard?”

Ge:”I want to see the stars, especially the brightest and my favorite…”

Er:” oh…And what is this star?”

Ge:” You…You, Erza, are my favorite star “-

Er:” O//////O G-Gerard!”


Selfie time in Fairy Tail ^ ^ Ahah! Because now this thing has become a fashion … surely even in our favorite guild will do this type of photo <3

Hola everybody!Sorry for the long absence TT__TTHere we are my new draw &#160;!!! They are so cuuuuuteee&#160;!! I love drawing this cene but, u know, I&#8217;ll draw a dramatic draw early so&#8230;.PREPARE YOURSELF &#160;!!!LEt me know what you think Good night and see u soon!
Hola everybody!
Sorry for the long absence TT__TT

Here we are my new draw  !!! They are so cuuuuuteee !! I love drawing this cene but, u know, I’ll draw a dramatic draw early so….PREPARE YOURSELF  !!!
LEt me know what you think 
Good night and see u soon!